2 November 2023
AddOn: Opening in Sydney
AddOn is a non-competitive, anonymous, photographic exhibition curated by Charles McKean and Festival Director Moshe Rosenzveig OAM.
One of the core events of Head On Photo Festival, AddOn showcases a diverse and exciting range of square images taken by a range of photographers spanning professionals, artists, enthusiasts, celebrities and politicians. Shown without any titles or photographer credits, viewers interpret the images at face value and bring their own meanings to them.
Official Opening on 13 November at 5pm
Date: 11 Nov 2023 - 03 Dec 2023
Location: Ted's World Of Imaging, 317 Pitt St, Sydney, Australia
Opening times: Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm; Sat - Sun 11:00am - 4:00pm
September 23, 2023
Open Studios NDSM
NDSM OPEN is the annual open day of the artist and makers community in the NDSM Loods on the NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam. The normally closed studios and workshops open their doors for a day full of art, crafts, fashion, architecture, performances, design, and everything you don't expect.
We are OPEN, be welcome!
The studios at Treehouse NDSM will also open up during NDSM OPEN!
NSDM Kunststad / Art City
NDSM-Plein 67 (ground floor at Atelier Okan Akin)
7 October 2023 from 12.00-18.00 h
September 6, 2023
Kunstmarkt Noord
On September 17th at Expocafé ZAMEN the first edition of Kunstmarkt Noord will take place, where a bunch of selected artists will sell and show their work. During the day you can stroll around and check out the art, and if you're up for it even have a little chat with the artists. Zamen Café will be open to serve tea, coffee, cake, lunch, you name it! There's plenty of room on the terrace (and inside) to sit down. 
Expocafé ZAMEN
Kunstmarkt Noord
17 September 2023 from 11.00-17.00 h
August 17, 2023
Invitation Opening NDSM Xpo XIV: On the Run
You are invited to the grand opening of the exhibition 'On the Run' on September 1 at 5pm in NDSM Fuse on the NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam. I will be presenting the new project 'Breaking Boundaries' in collaboration with artists Marcela Perrusquía and Ana Pinho. The art installation 'Breaking Boundaries' seeks to evoke the experience of a new beginning, where unity and empathy transcends the barriers of the border-walled world today.
Migration is an age-old phenomenon that has shaped and transformed the world. People have always been fleeing, driven by all kinds of motives. Today, the media strongly influences our image of refugees and, often negatively. The story of people leaving loved ones behind and braving oceans in search of a better life is complex. People flee for war, discrimination or economic malaise and the effects of climate change.
However, fleeing also takes place on a smaller scale, for different reasons, within different cultures, and even within families. What do all these refugees share? What hopes, dreams and desires drive them? What should we do to better understand the refugee? How can we show empathy for their experiences, even if they fall outside our frame of reference?
In 'On the Run', artists engage viewers with the phenomenon of migration with work from various disciplines, from painting to interactive installation. For instance, the exhibition restricts visitors' freedom of movement and evokes the experience of what it feels like to be stopped by ordinances, rules and fences. An examination of one's own privilege as a step towards getting closer to the other. 'On the Run' is inevitably about ourselves. I and the other, I and the refugee. I, the refugee.
Curator: Ellen Klijzing
Artists: Sietse H. Bakker, Wim Bakker, Simone Boon, Allard Boterenbrood, Ester Eva Damen, Rika Maja Duevel, 
Jim Du Pan, Rienke Enghardt, Gertjan Evenhuis, Catarina Garcia, Ossa Kierkegaard, Esther Kin, Ellen Klijzing, Nanny Kok, 
Wim Komhoff, Kyra de Korte, Rucha Kulkarni, Neyde Lantyer, Valerie Van Leersum, DH Mack, Helena Kaori Maeda, 
Drager Meurtant, Hélène Min, Esmee Mlihi, Hanneke de Munck, Collectief Onder de Brug, Marcela Perrusquía, Sarah Payton, Ana Pinho, Benny van der Plank, Rinzo, Henk Schut, Jan Selen, Bart-Jan Steerenberg, Mieke de Waal
Xpo XIV: On the Run
1 September 2023 - 28 January 2024
Thursday - Sunday 12.00-18.00 hrs.
Location: NDSM-Plein 29, Amsterdam (NL)
April 12, 2023
Multropolis at NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam
You are invited to the grand opening of the exhibition 'Tijdgeest en Spookbeelden' on Friday, April 21 at NDSM Fuse on the NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam at 5pm.
The current era can definitely be called turbulent. What is not being questioned or reconsidered? Political and social developments force us to reconsider set ideas. We are confronted with our own actions and their consequences. Developments in technology, the flood of information and disinformation do not make the world any more manageable. Moreover, the rapid rise of AI is contributing to an increasingly complex reality. Art is a blueprint of a moment in time; a witness to what is or was important at that moment, perceived from a wider perspective.
In this exhibition, artists respond to the world we live in today. How is it reflected in their work? How do they define their place in it? The perspectives range from distinctly political to understatedly spiritual. Some question the relationship between man and technology or, on the contrary, man and nature; others look at the influence of urban environment and the reappraisal of the landscape. The duality of Christianity is juxtaposed against or opposed to the influence of algorithms. There is alienation and anxiety, despair and gloom and consequent escapism. And in the variety of work there is surprisingly something to smile about.
Multropolis, a collaborative project by Dora Lionstone and Benny van der Plank, proposes an imaginary city with new possibilities for shared experiences based on the idea of mental maps. Through the artists’ combined image archives, the installation encourages viewers to create new mental maps while making space for more connections and perspectives in an ever-changing environment.” - Read more on Multropolis.com
Curator: Ellen Klijzing
Artists: Lies Aris, Sietse H. Bakker, Wim Bakker, Hetty van Bommel, Allard Boterenbrood, Marcel Buster, Rika Maja Duevel, Catarina Garcia, Kris Gonzalez, Merel Hegenbart, Frank Hietbrink, Vladimir Hristov, Ossa Kierkegaard, Esther Kin, Ellen Klijzing, Nanny Kok, Marc Koolen, Valerie van Leersum, Dora Lionstone, Helena Kaori Maeda, DH Mack, Femke Moedt, Hanneke de Munck, Kjell van Norel, Maud Oonk, Sarah Payton, Benny van der Plank,  Paul Rinzo, Eduardo Rojo, Jan Selen, Bart-Jan Steerenberg, Helga van Stralen, Martijn Troost, Matthias Vico Persson, Carlyn Westerink, Marius van Zandwijk
Exhibition 'Tijdgeest en Spookbeelden'
21 April - 20 August 2023
Thursday - Sunday 12.00-18.00 hrs.
Location: NDSM-Plein 29, Amsterdam (NL)
February 2, 2023
Exhibition at Amsterdam Central Station
Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. is the opening of the new exhibition 'Connection' at Gallery Lego Lima in the Amstel Passage of Amsterdam Central Station. The exhibition runs from 4 to 18 February. The participating artists are Olaf Keus, Benny van der Plank, Dora Lionstone, Lego Lima, Niels Keus and Dorien van der Waerden.

Gallery Lego Lima
Exhibition 'Connection'
4-18 February 2023
Location: Amsterdam Central Station | Stationsplein 33N, Amsterdam (NL)
December 19, 2022
Rotterdam Photo 2023: Freedom Redefined
From a broad range of submissions, the selection commission selected over 60 photographers to exhibit their work, based on the theme FREEDOM REDEFINED. 
These selected photographers will display their work on both the inside and outside of the shipping containers between 9-12 February 2023 in Rotterdam: Francisco Gonzalez Camacho, Liam Bailey, Sonja Trabandt and Ute Klein, Jimmy Lee, Jack Davies, Toma Gerzha, Joske Vink, LOOR. fotografie, Paul Eis, Barbara Vandendriessche, Michael Croghan, Charlotte van Ruijven, Yunhan Zhao, Marcin T. Jozefiak, Benny van der Plank, David Wills, Uschi Groos, Bob Tredgett, Marco Serventi, Eliza Newman, Isaiah Winters, Sepp van Dun, Ebrahim Elmoly, Rose Borkent, Théo Scherer, Kosmas Iliadis, Anna Andrzejewska, Tom Videlo, Aline Wyrwich, Jadwiga Janowska, Andrey Troitsky, Emma van Dobben, Diewke van den Heuvel, Serbest Salih, Carole Rey, Andrey Kezzyn, Spencer Glover, Giorgia Pastorelli, Isabella Melis, Maxime Michelet, Liu Xi, Monika Dubinkaite, Sara Bennett, Longxuan Li, Ozan Yavuz, Daniel Hinks, Gilles Tarabiscuité, Vanessa Leissring, Eric Weeks, Pauline Gauer, Jacqueline Louter, Bruna Valença, Vincent Carpentier, Twan Peeters, Violeta Morano, Tutu Guo, Gabriela Piasecka, Sjoerd Valks, Steven Natusch, Nynke Brandsma and Patrick Hudepohl, Mélanie Ganino, Anna Rogneby, Caroline Boissier, Lina Geoushy, Matilde Lazzari, Stratis Vogiatzis.
Rotterdam Photo is an annual photo fair with a festival flair. The event celebrates the spectrum of contemporary photography in all its diversity. Being part of the Rotterdam Art Week, the event yearly attracts around 10,000 visitors. Among whom are art lovers, collectors, gallerists, as well as international art press professionals from different parts of the globe.
Rotterdam Photo 2023
Freedom Redefined
9-12 February 2023
Location: Willemsplein 85, Rotterdam (NL)
November 8, 2022
Exhibition 'Ants on Acid' at NDSM Wharf
The exhibition ‘Ants on Acid’ opens on Friday November 18th at 5pm in NDSM Fuse on the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam. More than twenty artists, photographers, film makers, sculptors and ceramists demand more attention for insects, because they are threatened with extinction. The exhibition is curated by artist Rinzo and runs from November 18th until January 5th.
Participating artists: Alf Stobbe, Allard Boterenbrood, Ana Queen, Anita Kluge, Antonin Vanek, Asaf Lewkowitz, Barbara den Uyl, Ben Leenen, Benny van der Plank, Bob Bakhuijsen, Els Bruinewoud, Deniz Ulbegi, Dr. Robotttt, Eszie Klooster, Eveline Wansink, Florine van de Klashorst, Fred Anvelink, Harrie Habets, Henk Jans, Hessel, Hilda Haafkens, Jan Dekker, Jan Franc, Janna Navis, Joram Baruch, Karen Vennik, Maarten de Mink, Paul Caron, Rob van der Schoor, Robert Pennekamp, Siobhan Wall, Wim Komhoff and Wim Koster.
Exhibition 'Ants on Acid'
18 November 2022 - 5 January 2023
Location: NDSM-Plein 29, Amsterdam (NL)
October 20, 2022
AddOn at Head On Photo Festival
AddOn is an anonymous, photographic exhibition curated by Charles McKean and Festival Director Moshe Rosenzveig OAM. One of the core events of Head On Photo Festival, AddOn showcases a diverse and exciting range of square images, taken by a range of photographers spanning professionals, artists, enthusiasts, celebrities and politicians. Shown without any titles or photographer credits, viewers interpret the images at face value and bring their own meanings to them. The exhibition runs from 5-20 November 2022.
Head On Photo Festival 2022
5-20 November 2022
Location: Bondi Pavilion | Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach (AUS)
October 19, 2022
The Px3 2022 Winners in Paris
We are pleased to invite you to attend the Annual Paris Photo Prize Exhibition at the Espace Beaurepaire. The opening event will take place on November 1st, 2022, from 18:00 to 21:00. The exhibition honoring the work of 1st and 2nd place Px3 category winners and the 'State of the World' Curatorial selection from 2022 will be open to the public from November 1 to 6, 10:00 to 18:00. Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners will be shown by projector each day from 16:00 to 18:00.
The series 'Aftermath Hong Kong Protests' is among the winners 'State of the World' 2022 Curatorial Selection, see all the winners here.
The Prix de la Photographie Paris
State of the World 2022
1-6 November 2022
Location: Espace Beaurepaire | 28 Rue Beaurepaire, Paris (FR)
October 11, 2022
The London Photo Show 2022
The series ‘Aftermath Hong Kong Protests’ will be on display during The London Photo Show 2022. The exhibition takes place from 13-16 October and is located at the Bargehouse Gallery, a raw, atmospheric exhibition space at the heart of London’s South Bank. The opening is on Wednesday the 12th of October from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.
The London Photo Show 2022
13-16 October 2022
Location: Bargehouse Gallery | Barge House St, South bank, London (UK)
Download here the exhibition catalogue.
September 20, 2022
Exhibition '8x12' at FLOOR_ in Seoul
On Saturday September 24th, the new 8x12 exhibition opens at the FLOOR_ gallery in Seoul, South Korea. The exhibition will be held on the first floor of the gallery and will feature 87 images by 48 international artists. ​​​​​​​'Aftermath Hong Kong Protests' is part of the group exhibition. The exhibition runs from September 24th until November 7th. The operating hours of the space is from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm and is closed on every Tuesday and public holidays.
Exhibition '8x12'
24 September - 7 November 2022
Location: 65-6 Yeonhui-ro 15-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
July 20, 2022
Dead Darlings #15 - Issue!²
Dead Darlings are excited to invite you to our upcoming anonymous art auction, Issue!² This will be our first live event in Amsterdam since before the pandemic, and it will take place smack in the middle of Amsterdam at the historical artist-run space former press-hall Vrij Paleis, Paleisstraat 107, on Sunday July 31st at 4 o’clock sharp. Register online here ahead of time to skip the line!
Inspired by the original function of Vrij Paleis as a printing press, and the swelling tide of issues developing in our times, we have entitled our upcoming auction: Issue!² Yes, as in the issue of a newspaper but also interpreting broader definitions of the word such as: the matter in question, a predicament, a consequence, a version of something, or a thing under discussion. Artists responded to our open call, and 54 artworks have been selected for this first cool and fresh Summer edition.
The space will be open for preview Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st (please check our channels for the exact times). Make sure you come early enough to give yourself time to browse the artworks and find a good spot!
Dead Darlings
#15 - Issue!²
30-31 July 2022
Location: Vrij Paleis | Paleisstraat 107, Amsterdam (NL)
May 18, 2022
Rotterdam Photo XL 2022
The exhibition ‘Aftermath Hong Kong Protests’ is on display this week from 18-22 May at Rotterdam Photo XL. Rotterdam Photo is an annual photo fair with a festival flair. More than 100 international photographers have their exhibitions in former shipping containers. Being part of the Rotterdam Art Week, the event yearly attracts around 10.000 visitors.
Also, this week is the book launch of ‘GUP New 2022’ at Haute Photographie (19-22 May). The annual book series GUP New celebrates the 70 best Dutch photography talents of 2022. The book includes 6 pages with photos from the series ‘Aftermath Hong Kong Protests’. Haute Photographie takes place at the Keilepand in Rotterdam.
Rotterdam Photo XL
Planet Human & The Human Blueprint
18-22 May 2022
Location: Rotterdam Photo | Willemsplein 85, Rotterdam (NL)
Haute Photographie Rotterdam 2022
19-22 May 2022
Location: Haute Photographie | Keilestraat 9, Rotterdam (NL)

May 10, 2022
Finalist Sarajevo Photography Awards 2022
While we are waiting for the beginning of the Sarajevo Photography Festival, which will take place in the period from the 13th to15th of May 2022, among the applications from 30 countries, a jury composed of eminent photographers: Edvin Kalić, Damir Šagolj, Paul Lowe, Duško Miljanić, Jelena Janković, Bojan Hadžihalilović, Andrija Ilić and Arnej Misirlić; had a difficult tash of choosing the finalists.
An exhibition of finalists and award-winning photographs will be held on Saturday, May 14 at 19:00 in the City Hall, where you will have the opportunity to see the photographic works of the following finalists: Zhanna Stankovych, Oskar Alvardo, Armin Durgut, Marko Risović, Mario Ilić, Benny van der Plank, Mitar Simkić, Armin Graca, Matković & Vild, Hamza Kulenović, Katarina Marković, Nemanja Šipka, Nika Ilić, Zlata Hodžić, Jelena Cvetković, Srđan Dunđerović, Katie McCraw, Fatima Sayhi, Ahmet Sel, Ana Mitrović, Vladimir Živojinović, Aida Đapo, Tomislav Marcijuš, Ernad Lokvančić, Sara Filipa, Dario Šišul, Jaka Ivančić, Amar Ćamo, Andreja Ravnak, Aleš Bravničar, Aydin Taševac, Robert Ivezić, Boško Hrgić, Mirza Hasanefendić, Ines Lucić, Hana Kazić, Alen Jehja, Miroslav Mišić, Mitar Mitrović, Sead Šašivarević, Amina Hodžić, Biljana Radojčić, Tea Jagodić and Branimir Džaja.
The exhibition will show the works of all finalists, and the best three works in each category will be announced at the ceremony, as well as the main prize of the Grand Prix.
Sarajevo Photography Festival 2022
13-15 May 2022
Location: Vijećnica | Obala Kulina bana, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Download here the festival catalogue.
April 16, 2022
Exhibition 'Odyssee 2.0' in Amsterdam
The Odyssey is Homer's epic about Odysseus' journey to Ithaca. A journey full of challenges, misery, monsters and temptations. The stories are about betrayal, but also about cleverness and love, perseverance, creativity and hope. A metaphor for man's journey through life and the search for its meaning.
Odysseus, the main character, is the archetype of hero or adventurer. Man who is confronted with the problems of all times: temptation, corruption, waste, egocentrism, escapism, ignorance, intolerance, abuse of power.
How does modern man deal with this? How do you deal with this? Do we close our eyes and let ourselves be carried away by the wind or do we swim against the current and overcome the whirlpools and dangers that threaten to devour us, like Odysseus? The works of art are housed in five rooms named after the places that Odysseus visits and that symbolize the trials that people undergo in life.
Curator: Ellen Klijzing
Artists: Lennaart Allan, Guévørk Aivazian, Lies Aris, Sietse H. Bakker, Joris Berger, Simone Boon, Vincent Boschma, Allard Boterenbrood, Rika Maja Duevel, Ester Eva Damen, Simon Floter, Fabien Gruau, Frank Hietbrink, Vladimir Hristov, Ossa Kierkegaard, Esther Kin, Ellen Klijzing, Nanny Kok, DH Mack, Helena Kaori Maeda, Femke Moedt, Hanneke de Munck, Benny van der Plank, Pieter Post, Ana Queen, Paul Rinzo, Regina Rorije, Jan Seelen, Helga van Stralen, Elvira Vroomen, Marius van Zandwijk.
Exhibition 'Odyssee 2.0'
29 April - 18 September 2022
Location: NDSM-Plein 29, Amsterdam (NL)
March 30, 2022
Exhibition 'Black & White' in Athens
Blank Wall Gallery continues its exhibitions with black and white photographs, thus presenting in two consecutive exhibitions both ways of expression and presentation of photography, Color and Black & White. Photographers from all over the world will present their works in Black & White. This kind of photography has many artists who serve it with passion. That is why exhibitions on this subject always have many participants. More than perhaps any other genre. The topics vary, but the lack of color is the dominant element that unites all the works. Images that travel the mind and the imagination and leave plenty of space for the viewers to create their own colors, their own shades, in whatever intensity they want, and to dress everything they see in front of them according to their own mood. These photographs evoke memories and feelings to the older ones and at the same time are a field of exploration for the younger ones, who do not have such images to recall from their memory.
The exhibition will remain at the gallery until April 13th and all those who are fans of Black & White photography are welcome to enjoy it. Due to the hygienic measures, the visit to the gallery area is made by presenting a certificate of vaccination or disease and using a mask.
Blank Wall Gallery
Exhibition 'Black & White'
1-13 April 2022
Location: 55 Fokionos Negri Street, Athens (GR)
February 23, 2022
The Print Swap Exhibition in New York
You are invited to our upcoming exhibition at the renowned ClampArt Gallery in New York City. Sixty selected photographs from The Print Swap join the single image winners of the Emerging Photography Awards for a show that spans continents and genre. While the show has no fixed theme, the chosen photographs speak to feelings of magic, mythos, and mystery, while also examining our ever more precarious relationship with the natural world and its wonders. If you’re in New York, see the show in person at ClampArt Gallery on March 2, 2022 from 6-8PM.
Exhibiting Emerging Photography Awards photographers: Matthew Bagley, Zerb Mellish, Anna Neubauer, Daniel Heilig, Karene-Isabelle Jean-Baptiste, Sunniva Hestenes, Ryan Peticca, Susan Borowitz, Tris Lovering, Dom Marker, Devin Lunsford, Inga Pae, Cuneyt Gumushaneli, Lua Kobayashi, Gemma Pepper, Stefano Lotumolo, Tom Winter, Valeria Cammareri, Shou Yi Daniel, Iara Mora Watanabe, Grzegorz Piotrowski, Priscilla Ong, Artem Shestakov, Sebastian Dijkstra Nilander, Zerb Mellish, Carlos Barrera, Cuneyt Gumushaneli, Richard Beck, Won Kim, Sunniva Hestenes, Ludwig Nikulski, Mahnoor Malik, Valerie Brunnette, Ryan Peticca, Gemma Pepper, Grzegorz Piotrowski, Anton Kuehnhackl, Mona Singh, Selene Magnolia, Anna Neubauer, Jari Poulin, Katia Belmadani, Shunsuke Miyatake, Szymon Lewinski, Sandra Cattaneo Adorno, Susan Borowitz, Devin Lunsford, Dorie Hagler, Jack Sorokin, Emily Neville Fisher, Alexej Sachov, Catalin Chitu, and Costas Kariolis.
Exhibiting Print Swap photographers: Anna Heimkreiter, Skye Snyder, Kristin Anderson, Meg Birnbaum, Keith Goldstein, Valeria Cammareri, Regula Tschumi, Nagy Krisztián, Rotem Dozetas, Mona Singh, Foteini Zaglara, David Comora, Takeshi Suga, Deb Menconi Clark, Emmanuel Monzon, Daniel Tulloch, Matt Carr, Juliet Haas, Russell Goodwin, Stevie Raelynn, Yvan Bedard, Nikhat Fatima, Umberto De Ros, Syndi Pilar, Jaejoon Ha, Benny van der Plank, Marianne van Loo, Cole Ndelu, Alexej Sachov, Kristin Anderson, Cince Johnston, Michael Snyder, Minoo Hassanzadeh, Jennifer Booher, Marina Danic, Alison Schmitz, Alexis Elliott, Antonio Schubert, Alexej Sachov, Marilyn Baez, Phoenix Kanada, Mateo Gonzalez, Dhanraj Emanuel, Ava Williams, Shawn Michael Jones, Meg Boscov, Nikos Menoudarakos, Ashley Garrett, Branden May, Maggie Middlebrook, Virgil DiBiase and Howard Crow.
ClampArt Gallery | 247 West 29th Street, New York (US)
January 24, 2022
GUP New Photography Talent 2022
Happy to share I have been selected as a GUP New photography talent of 2022! The GUP New 2022 book is out now and includes six pages with photos from the series 'Aftermath Hong Kong Protests'. This 11th edition of GUP New Dutch Photography contains 72 talents living or working in The Netherlands, fresh from the academy or newly self-taught. They have been selected by a jury of 6 experts and are ready to be discovered.
New is a platform bringing Dutch based photography talents to the attention of galleries, museums, commercial and photography agencies, media companies and institutions that work with imagery. New is powered by GUP Magazine.
September 3, 2021
Open Ateliers Amsterdam Noord 2021
Hello? Open Ateliers Amsterdam Noord: with 115 participants, it’s the biggest artists event in Amsterdam! “Hello?” is this year’s theme. It represents the encounter, the tentative approach, the desire to meet others, the exchange of ideas about art and culture, and the act of getting to know each other. “We survived! It’s been uncertain, lonely, dramatic, uncomfortable, and downright horrible, but also cathartic and stimulating. And now, we as artists return with art, culture, and the drive to show all of it to you.”
Open Ateliers Amsterdam Noord is an annual event in which artists open their studios to the public for a weekend. Especially in these turbulent times, artists have been inspired and have indeed created new work. Visitors will become aware of this in the studios. This year, a record number of 115 artists from Amsterdam Noord are participating, showing their work in their studios or at other surprising locations. From the NDSM wharf to Halte Zamenhofstraat, there’s art everywhere! You’ll know where to find all the studios and exhibit spaces through the digital map on the website and a well-distributed print booklet.
This year, the former DRAKA factory in the Hamerkwartier has been chosen as the location of the group exhibit for all participating artists. It’s a delightfully gritty spot and a great starting point for a visit. In the vast warehouse, you can let your thoughts roam freely and find inspiration. The Hamerkwartier will be undergoing big changes in the upcoming years, so it’s worth making the effort to come see it now. We look forward to seeing you!
Open Ateliers Amsterdam Noord
October 2 & 3, 2021, 12.00 - 18.00
Art at 60 locations in Amsterdam Noord
Location Draka: Hamerstraat 2-4, Amsterdam (NL)
Location Treehouse NDSM: T.T. Neveritaweg 55-57, Amsterdam (NL)
August 29, 2021
Winner 'Future' Challenge SAP x Berlin Photo Week 2021
Shape the future with SAP – We have the work of our competition winners displayed on the window front of SAP's building in Berlin during Berlin Photo Week.
We looked for your best work on the topic ''FUTURE“. The inspiration was SAP's innovation vision: shape a future in which human ingenuity and machine intelligence flourish in symbiosis!
SAP's purpose is to help the world run better and improve people's lives. By shaping a future in which human ingenuity and machine intelligence flourish in symbiosis, SAP will reinvent how businesses run. For such a global company, Berlin is a very important and interesting location, as it offers a vibrant ecosystem of startups, academia, talents, and all businesses, carrying innovation in its DNA. That’s why SAP Labs Berlin is thrilled to cooperate with Berlin Photo Week and support young talents and creative minds.
The winners are Frederic Witz, Lee Whitehead, Noria Arai, Christian Schneider, Benny van der Plank and Anna Postovaya.
Berlin Photo Week
23 August - 3 September 2021
Location: SAP Berlin Mitte | Rosenthaler Str. 30, Berlin (DE)
ANNNA, Amsterdam (2021)
June 25, 2021
Chania International Photo Festival 2021
Chania International Photo Festival opens its gates on Thursday July 1st.
The 'Never Surrender' photo from the series 'Aftermath Hong Kong Protests' is part of the 4th Chania International Photo Festival in Greece. Cip festival will be held in the old town of Chania which is visited by thousands of people every summer. 377 Photographers from 71 countries will be exhibited during the festival. The festival runs from July 1st until July 6th.
Chania International Photo Festival
1-6 July 2021
Location: Grand Arsenali | Michail Afentoulief, Chania 731 32, Greece

Aftermath Hong Kong Protests #2, Hong Kong (2019)

June 3, 2021
FRESH EYES European Talents 2021
We are happy to share the FRESH EYES talents of 2021!
This year’s edition saw an incredibly high number of applications and outstanding quality of submissions. Congratulations to all selected photographers!
Stay tuned to meet the best European Talents of the year!
FRESH EYES is an annual book series celebrating the 100 best emerging  INTERNATIONAL photographers of the year. FRESH EYES is a platform bringing photography talents to the attention of galleries, museums, commercial and photography agencies, media companies, and institutions that work with imagery. The 100 greatest photography talents of the year will be chosen from all submissions by a jury consisting of 5 international photography experts.
Hard Cover
166 × 225 mm
616 Pages
ISBN 9789083106212
Cover images by Angelo Formato / Charlotte Dobson / Mascha Naumova /  Chiara Ernandes
The book is here available
May 9, 2021
Summer Exhibition at Het Fotolokaal
Photographers Patricia Heuker of Hoek, Annemarie Hoogwoud, Kata Olstrom and Benny van der Plank will be exhibiting during the summer exhibition in Het Fotolokaal in Tjerkwerd from 5 June to 5 September 2021.
Patricia Heuker of Hoek
Patricia is a photographer with an interest in humanity's impact on the planet, growing up in today's society and other important issues that shape the world and the future of children.
Her 'Fragile' series consists of 3 parts: Flood, Smog and Plastic. It is about nature and the fragility of life. The photos show the impact of our behavior on our planet and therefore our children.
Annemarie Hoogwoud
Photographer from Terherne. In her work she depicts the beauty of landscapes in an unusual way. During the exhibition, work from the series 'Landscapes of the soul' and 'Songbird' can be seen. The Landscapes of the soul series shows the different experiences of the soul, the steps that lead to awareness. Coming home to yourself, in the landscape of your soul is not always easy. It is a constant challenge to look for that and to step out into the world from there. The Songbird series is inspired by the Fleetwood Mac song of the same name. When the birds start singing again, what happens? How do people actually deal with the seasons within themselves?
Kate Olstrom
Kata was born and raised in Oslo. She lives and works in Leeuwarden since May 2019. Kata makes landscape images that deviate. No classically depicted beauty through color, sharpness and the panoramic splendor of the outside world. Kata uses the landscape to depict. She refers with conscious blur to our own vulnerable inner world. One of the metaphors Kata uses in her images are trees. Despite their pride and strength, the greatest land creatures are essentially helpless. They are unable to move or otherwise direct their lives.
Benny van der Plank
The Amsterdam photographer regularly travels to Hong Kong to work on projects. In his work he focuses, among other things, on social issues in urban environments. The exhibition features work from the series 'Aftermath Hong Kong Protests', 'Dense Living in the Afterlife' and 'Hong Kong Street Portraits'. In 'Aftermath Hong Kong Protests' he photographed the consequences of the protests in Hong Kong in the autumn of 2019. The clashes between police and demonstrators then became increasingly violent. In an attempt to bring parts of the city to a halt, protesters constructed improvised roadblocks with fences and stones that could be used as projectiles. The clashes have left an open wound in everyday life in Hong Kong.
Het Fotolokaal
Summer Exhibition
5 June - 5 September 2021
Location: Kerkstraat 19, Tjerkwerd (NL)