Press Release Open Ateliers Amsterdam Noord (OAN):
Open Ateliers Amsterdam Noord: with 115 participants, it’s the biggest artists event in Amsterdam!
“Hello?” is this year’s theme. It represents the encounter, the tentative approach, the desire to meet others, the exchange of ideas about art and culture, and the act of getting to know each other.
“We survived! It’s been uncertain, lonely, dramatic, uncomfortable, and downright horrible, but also cathartic and stimulating.
And now, we as artists return with art, culture, and the drive to show all of it to you.”
Open Ateliers Amsterdam Noord is an annual event in which artists open their studios to the public for a weekend. Especially in these turbulent times, artists have been inspired and have indeed created new work. Visitors will become aware of this in the studios. This year, a record number of 115 artists from Amsterdam Noord are participating, showing their work in their studios or at other surprising locations. From the NDSM terrain to Halte Zamenhofstraat, there’s art everywhere! You’ll know where to find all the studios and exhibit spaces through the digital map on the website and a well-distributed print booklet.
A central exhibit at a special place:
This year, the former DRAKA factory in the Hamerkwartier has been chosen as the loca-
tion of the group exhibit for all participating artists. It’s a delightfully gritty spot and a great
starting point for a visit. In the vast warehouse, you can let your thoughts roam freely and
find inspiration. The Hamerkwartier will be undergoing big changes in the upcoming years,
so it’s worth making the effort to come see it now.
We look forward to seeing you!

Open Ateliers Amsterdam Noord
October 2 & 3, 2021, 12.00 - 18.00
Art at 60 locations in Amsterdam Noord

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