GUP NEW 2022

GUP New Dutch Photography Talent 2022
Talent is often thought of as the kind of ability that comes without training—something that you're born with. If only it was that simple! If there is anything we have learned over the last decade or so, since the time that we initiated GUP New, it is that talent is very much something that needs to be shaped towards its ultimate form.
This 11th edition of GUP New Dutch Photography contains 72 talents living or working in The Netherlands, fresh from the academy or newly self-taught. They have been selected by a jury of 6 experts and are ready to be discovered by you.
January 2022
166 × 225 mm
Cover images © Saskia van den Boom/ Fleur Leuwe / Sam Warnaar / Rolf van Rooij

The third edition of FRESH EYES invites you to discover a fresh batch of emerging talents from across the European continent. Powered by GUP Magazine, our expert jury has selected 150 new artists from a diverse array of backgrounds — freshly graduated photography students and autodidactic photographers among them — all of whom are making their first foray into the exciting world that is photography. Whether as a collector, curator, publisher, fellow artist, or simply a photography aficionado, FRESH EYES is sure to provide you a compelling, varied outlook on the state of affairs in contemporary photography today, through the eyes of this exciting new generation of photographers.
Cover images © Angelo Formato / Charlotte Dobson / Mascha Naumova /  Chiara Ernandes
Hard Cover
166 × 225 mm
616 Pages
ISBN 9789083106212