Press Release Rotterdam Photo:
The edition 2022 is unique for the Rotterdam Photo. Due to several postponementsand cancellations due to the COVID-19 spread, for the first time, the festival has twothemes at the same time - PLANET HUMAN X THE HUMAN BLUEPRINT.
Under the umbrella of these two themes, more than 100 photographers from all overthe globe will show their projects this May. All photographers from Rotterdam Photo2021 edition ( PLANET HUMAN theme) and photographers from Rotterdam Photo 2022edition (THE HUMAN BLUEPRINT theme) will become part of the new Rotterdam Photo2022 XL edition.
Following last year’s topic PLANET HUMAN, we continue to ask the same questions:Who are we, as human beings, besides the fact that we exist? What do we leavebehind? How do we express ourselves? What is the role of our imperfections, the darkparts of our collective existence? Do they make us human?
Today, more than ever, the notion of being human is undergoing evolution. And thisyear, we invited professional and amateur photographers to join us and think aboutTHE HUMAN BLUEPRINT that we, humans, leave after us.
Our species are profoundly transforming the Earth. The PLANET HUMAN is no longermetaphorical. And 2020 was not only the year of global pandemic, but the year whenhuman-made mass overtook that of all the living things in the world. And if wecontinue this great acceleration it will be visible in sediments and rocks millions ofyears into the future. So we ask which Blueprint do we leave behind? How can werethink our relationship with the rest of the non-human environment around us? Andwhen will we stop perceiving the planet space as exclusively human, ananthropocentric space?

Dates: 18-22 May 2022
Location: Willemsplein, Rotterdam (NL)
Rotterdam Photo is an annual photo fair with a festival flair. The event celebrates thespectrum of contemporary photography in all its diversity.
Being part of the Rotterdam Art Week 2022, the event yearly attracts around 10.000visitors, among whom art lovers, collectors, gallerists, as well as international artpress professionals from different parts of the globe.
We will transform a Willemsplein location in the centre of Rotterdam into a streetwise photography village and hub for photography fans, populated by 100+ shippingcontainers repurposed into exhibition spaces. The event will take place from 18th to22th May 2022.
In addition to the exhibitions, Rotterdam Photo organizes talks, workshops, and afringe program with music and digital installations throughout the city. The festivalfeeling is created thanks to various exhibitions and leisure activities around for allparticipants. Street vendors, cafes, and restaurants on the festival's location offergreat food and delicious drinks - the public and participants can enjoy the events'atmosphere, celebrating photography together with us.

From a broad range of submissions, the commission selected over 100 photographersto exhibit their work, based on the themes PLANET HUMAN and THE HUMANBLUEPRINT.
Both national and international selection reveals the intriguing works ofphotographers like Roderik van Nispen, Dai Asano and Chris Lee. These selectedphotographers will display their work alongside renowned photographers such asReiner Riedler, who will be presenting images from his project Pleasure Gardens. Theexhibitions will be installed on both the inside and outside of the shipping containers this February in Rotterdam (NL).
You can find more information on our website